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Providing of data from the National Record of Ordinary Passports
Issuance of the certificate regarding the exercise of the right to free movement abroad / passports history
Issuance of the certificate for exemption from customs duties
Study of the personal passport file
Personal data protection






Access of individuals to their own passport file

In order to study their own passport file, the interested persons or their legal heirs or the person empowered by him / her may request, in writing, access to the passport file of the data subject.

The application for studying the passport file can be submitted personally to the public relations office of the Passports General Directorate, or it can be sent by post / electronic mail.

The conditions for access to their own passport file (established before December 22, 1989) are provided in the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 24 of 05.03.2008 regarding the access to its own file and the Security disclosure, with the subsequent modifications and completions.

The study of the files is done after a prior appointment.

The persons who request to study the personal file must show documents to establish their identity.




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