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The Passports General Directorate strives to ensure a high level of security for information shared with us in our contact form (petitions, certificates, communications) and is using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Nevertheless, communication over the internet, including email, is not fully secure and can potentially be intercepted by persons outside of the Passports General Directorate. The Passports General Directorate relies on services provided by the specialized departments within the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to help maintain the security and performance of the website.

APPLICATION for the provision of data for the issuance of certificates regarding the exercise of the right to free movement abroad

The application for the issuance of the certificate regarding the limitation of the exercise of the right to free movement abroad necessary to complete the file for employment abroad or the application for the issuance of the certificate regarding the passport history, necessary for companies, embassies or other institutions, can be filed either personally, as well as through the trustee / legal representative, at the public relations office within the Passports General (with headquarters in Nicolae Iorga street, no.29, sector 1, Bucharest) or at the headquarters of the public services of passports in the range of of which the applicants have their residence.


1. When the applicants present themselves personally, the application must be accompanied by the following documents:
         The identity document / passport of the applicant, in original, which must be within the validity period, not being required the copy of the identity document / passport, as the identification will be done by the official receiving the application

2. If the application is submitted by the representative / legal representative, it must be accompanied by an authenticated special power of attorney / the power of attorney / the document attesting the status of legal representative of the person on whose behalf the certificate is required to be issued, as well as the identity card of the authorized person, both documents in original.

3. If the application is sent by post, it must be accompanied by the following documents:
         Identity document / passport of the applicant (which must be valid), in photocopy
         The special power of attorney, in original, if required.

In case the application is submitted at the counter or sent by post, it is possible to opt for the answer to be picked up from the headquarters of the institution where the application was submitted or communicated by post, to the correspondence address indicated in the application.

The request for issuing the certificate addressed to the Passports General Directorate can also be sent by e-mail to the email address dgp.relatiipublice@mai.gov.ro

Thus, the filled in, dated and signed (scanned) application is sent electronically, and the certificate will be collected only from the Public Relations Office of the Passports General Directorate at the same time with the identity card/ passport presentation. After identification of the applicant by the counter official, the original identity card / passport is returned to him/her.

In this situation, within 2 working days from the sending of the application by electronic mail, the applicant can come to the public relations desk within the General Directorate of Passports (at the headquarters of Nicolae Iorga street, no.29, CORP A, sector 1, Bucharest), for picking up the certificate.




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