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Providing of data from the National Record of Ordinary Passports
Issuance of the certificate regarding the exercise of the right to free movement abroad / passports history
Issuance of the certificate for exemption from customs duties
Study of the personal passport file
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1. Where do I apply for a passport?. 

2. Documents required for passport

3. Passport fee. How can you pay the passport fee?

4. How can I recover my passport fee if I no longer need a passport?

5. Is the ordinary electronic passport issued as a matter of urgency?

6. When is the ordinary temporary passport issued?

7. I have a valid passport, can I apply for a new passport?

8. I changed my name / first name / CNP, do I need to apply for a new passport?

9. Can the validity of the previous passport be extended? Can I add tabs to my current passport?

10. Where can I find the application for my passport?

11. What happens to the previous passport in which there are valid visas when applying for a new passport?

12. Where do I pick up my passport? I cannot pick up my passport on the scheduled date.

13. The passport will expire (eg: next week / month / etc.), can I leave the country?

14. Is the passport required in order to travel within the European Union?





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