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Providing of data from the National Record of Ordinary Passports
Issuance of the certificate regarding the exercise of the right to free movement abroad / passports history
Issuance of the certificate for exemption from customs duties
Study of the personal passport file
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Children need an individual passport

The passport is not obtained by proxy (Romanian citizens wishing to obtain a new passport must submit their applications personally, both in the country and abroad).

There is the possibility of requesting a new ordinary electronic / temporary passport regardless of the date on which the travel document currently held expires.

When using the temporary passport, check the travel conditions from the M.A.E. - http://www.mae.ro/travel-conditions.

When an expired passport has a visa valid for the United States, the expiration of the passport has no effect on the validity of the visa.

WARNING! The civil status documents must have the personal numeric code (CNP).

WARNING! Authentication is the strictest form of drafting a document, the notary attesting not only the signature of the party, but also the fact that by this signature, the party has acknowledged the content of the respective document. When authenticating an act, the notary establishes the parties' intentions in a legal document in written form, ascertains their consent and capacity

WARNING! If the holder finds the passport declared to be stolen / lost it is obligatory that the issuing authority be informed as soon as possible about its finding as these passports are subject to reports in the Schengen Information System (SIS). In case the foreign authorities find the passport that is the subject of some reports in the SIS in possession of the holder, the document will be confiscated and sent to the Romanian issuing authorities.





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