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Providing of data from the National Record of Ordinary Passports
Issuance of the certificate regarding the exercise of the right to free movement abroad / passports history
Issuance of the certificate for exemption from customs duties
Study of the personal passport file
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Passport General Directorate Str. Nicolae Iorga, Nr. 29 Bucureşti - Sector 1



Responsibilities of organizing, guiding and controlling, according to the law, the activity of personalization, issuing and recording of ordinary temporary passports carried out by the community public services subordinated to the prefect's institution

Personalizes the electronic diplomatic, service, ordinary passports - and other documents, according to the law

Verifies the compliance with national and international standards and specifications regarding electronic passports

Participates in international commissions for developing standards and specifications for travel documents

Ensures the interoperability of Romanian electronic passports reading by implementing internationally recognized standards in the field of travel documents

Performs the verifications and inserts mentions into the records with regard to the (re)setting of the domicile in Romania of Romanian citizens domiciled abroad

Collaborates with the Directorate Consular Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in view of solving the applications of Romanian citizens from abroad referring to the issuing of passports or travel titles, in compliance with the legal provisions

Solves, within the legal delays, the applications, requests and petitions with regard to the limitation of exercise for the Romanian citizens' right to free traveling abroad

Upon the request of Romania's diplomatic missions and consular offices, performs verifications into the specific records in view of identifying the underage Romanian citizens who find themselves unaccompanied abroad and of their family members

Provides data comprised into the National Record of Ordinary Passports regarding Romanian citizenship.

Upon the request of the competent Romanian authorities it ascertains the quality of Romanian citizen under the conditions of the art.35 of the Law no. 248/2005

Solves the applications for providing of data from the National Record of Ordinary Passports according to the legal provisions

Solves the applications of natural persons who want to study their personal passport file

Upon request and in compliance with the legal conditions, it issues certificates attesting the statute of Romanian citizen domiciled abroad

Performs verifications in the records with regard to persons who have deceased or have been injured in accidents abroad, in order that their families in the country could be identified and informed

Upon request and in compliance with the legal conditions it issues certificates regarding the right of Romanian citizens to the free traveling abroad

Solves the citizens' claims, petitions and complaints with regard to the activity performed by the employees of the Passports General Directorate and by the employees of the Public Community Services for Passports





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